Training series to support a national movement to build evidence for student counselling


A vision of the SCORE consortium is to develop a national dataset of student counselling outcomes to explore and demonstrate effectiveness in the sector. We believe that this type of national effort is needed to inform conversations and decisions about counselling embedded in further and higher education. We are offering a series of workshops to provide training and opportunities to share best practices for using measures in student counselling. See below for the current list of workshops.


If you have a specific suggestion for a future workshop, please get in touch using the contact form on the “Get Involved” page.


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Working with counselling service data: How to download data from CORE Net


The first virtual workshop will be held on Friday 12 June (9.30-3pm) and will cover how to use CORE Net to explore counselling service data, including data from clinical measures and demographic information. We will also cover the concept of pseudonymisation and how to process data so that personal information is no longer attributed to individual clients. This is a technique that can be used to prepare service data to be analysed. This workshop will provide practical exercises and a friendly space to share good practice and learn tips from other service leads, practitioners, and our workshop facilitators.


This free workshop will include:


  1. Introduction to the SCORE consortium and wider project
  2. Findings from analysing data from 4 student counselling services
  3. Exporting data from CORE Net
  4. Practical exercise working on your service data
  5. Processing and pseudonymising dummy data
  6. Opportunities for 121 support via virtual breakout rooms


After the workshop there will be an opportunity for delegates to contribute their pseudonymised service data to the SCORE dataset and join the national movement for building evidence for the sector. Please note that this is optional, and delegates will be supported by the consortium to apply for ethics to permit data sharing.


Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is for any service lead or practitioner working in a counselling service embedded in FE/HE who uses CORE Net to collect routine outcome measures every counselling session. Whether you have experience exploring service data from CORE Net or whether you are relatively new to this activity and would like guidance – we encourage you to attend and meet others working in this space!


To participate in this workshop, you will also need administration access to CORE Net and the reporting functions.

As the practical activities in this workshop require access to CORE Net, we are only extending the invitation to practitioners who are currently using CORE Net in their institution’s counselling service.


If you would like to attend this workshop, please contact Stella Nichols on